Comprehensive Inspection and Maintenance Reports

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Data for better decisions

Service-life forecasting maximizes your asset investment and lifespan

Avoid shutdowns and confined space entry

12+ years of validated results worldwide


UltraAnalytix® NDT evaluation includes:

  • Corrosion barrier condition
  • Structural changes occurring within the composite structure
  • Composite strength
  • Composite thickness
  • Damage caused by abrasion, corrosion and mechanical loads due to impact, poor supports, earthquakes, hurricanes and other factors.
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Here's what you'll find in our report

Our report is easy to understand and helps you keep your equipment in great shape.

  • Quick Summary
    A short and concise summary at the beginning.

  • Detailed Check-Up
    We'll thoroughly examine the equipments foundation,
    shell, ends and flange connections, providing you data on detected demage depth.

  • Future Outlook
    Discover how much more life your tank has left.

  • Picture Guide
    See photos of any issues we've spotted.

  • To-Do List
    Get clear advice on what needs fixing and when.

  • Expert Tips
    We'll suggest if more tests are needed.

  • Next Checkup Date
    Stay on top of maintenance with our recommended date.